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Every visit to Marwell Zoo is a unique and exciting experience

History of the Art Society

We are not the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society

After sixteen very successful years, the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society (MIWAS) has ceased to operate from the 31st March 2015. They would like to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to the many members who helped make the group such a friendly and welcoming art society.  For many years, MIWAS was the largest wildlife art society in Europe and we would like to wish everyone who has been involved with MIWAS the very best for the future and every success with their artwork.

The fourteenth annual exhibition of wildlife art by the Marwell international Wildlife Art Society (MIWAS) commenced with a fantastic turn-out on the opening Special Guest evening in September. The main hall was so full of people that queues had formed in the corridor trying to get in to see the official opening by Benjamin Mee, owner and Director of Dartmoor Zoological Park.

Supported by the BBC Wildlife Magazine Editor Sophie Stafford, the official opening and awards ceremony kicked off the exhibition in a spectacular style, with both the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year artists being named - Heather Irvine winning the over-all prize of a safari in Botswana and the MIWAS awards being passed to the recipients.

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Every visit to Marwell Zoo is a unique and exciting experience! The UK's number one Zoo, close to the historic city of Winchester, is set in 110 acres of award-winning gardens. In this spectacular setting are over 7000 animals - more than 400 species of rare, exotic and endangered wildlife.

There's so much to do and see, with lots of great activities for all the family. With more than one million visitors every year, the Zoo is an all-year round favourite attraction for kids of all ages!


Visit as a group of 15 or more paying visitors and you can save up to 30% with discounted admission. You'll receive a group Fast Track e-ticket so you can zoom past the queues and straight into the zoo.


Many unusual species of birds are now at home here, including the largest collection of wildfowl to be seen in the British Isles, the swans and geese are of particular interest and do well in the moorland climate. Around the grounds are various aviaries housing a rapidly growing collection of Pheasants and Softbills.

There is a bird rearing area, where the various antics of chicks and ducklings can be watched during the spring and early summer. A variety of domestic Waterfowl are on view, many of them prize winners at major shows during the winter months. The Waterfowl range from the massive African Geese to Indian Runner Ducks and Miniature Call Ducks.

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